An Online Desktop Wallpaper Tool

With the advent of the bigger computer monitors and the differences in screen resolutions, it can be a challenge to take a desktop background that you may like and make it fit properly on the screen.

To help resolve that issue there is an online application, called Desktop Wallpaper Tool,  that will automatically adapt an image to your screen resolution.

Desktop Wallpaper Tool

Images are adjusted either by cropping the part of it or by scaling when the resolution of the original image differs from your desktop resolution. You can define the crop region and the screen resolution yourself.

What is neat about this app is that you do not need to install anything.  Simply visit the Desktop Wallpaper Tool site in your web browser and either upload an image, drag and drop an image onto the app, or enter a web URL where the image is located.

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4 thoughts on “An Online Desktop Wallpaper Tool

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    1. John,

      I actually went on the hunt for this when you recently experienced the issue where you went to the bigger monitor size and your resolution size changed. Hope this does help!



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