Geek Squeak (#112): Tech Thoughts is A Geek Squeak Trophy Winner

Bill Mullins’ Weblog – Tech Thoughts is worthy of the NEW What’s On My PC – Geek Squeak Trophy.

Geek Squeak Aware

There is no method or madness to the trophy selection, but is typically given to those who exemplify the world of computers, information technology, and blogging.  More awards will be forthcoming…

If you are a regular reader of Bill’s blog, Tech Thoughts, you may have noticed on the sidebar of his blog (on the right side) an achievement like no other I’ve seen when it comes to blogging. This guy has had over 3 million visitors to his blog since January 1, 2008. This is phenomenal and is symbolic of his dedication to the subject which he is so versed in. Blogging is hard work and requires an endless thought process.

Bill’s blog primarily focuses on system and internet security; however, he throws a surprise at us once in awhile. He is an expert at it and it shows in the number of articles he pumps out on a daily basis. If you comment to any of his articles or have a question, you will get a straight forward answer that you can bank on. Also, a real plus to visiting Bill’s blog is his Tech Thoughts Daily Net News where you will get a daily rundown on what is happening out there in the world of technology.

On a personal note, Bill has been a personal supporter of What’s On My PC and I take great pride in knowing him. I thank you for your hard work and dedication.

If you want to learn more about information security, system security and internet security, I encourage you to bookmark  Bill Mullins’ Weblog – Tech Thoughts.

Reflected below is a sampling of some of Bill’s recent articles:

Who’s Tracking Your Internet Browsing? – Find Out With Ghostery

Mark Russinovich’s ‘Zero Day’ – Fiction Or Fact?

If You Need To Be Convinced You Need A Wi-Fi Password This Story Will Do It

Billions Set To Watch The Royal Wedding On TV & Online

Advanced SystemCare Free – Version 4.0 Blasts Off Today

The Importance of Real-Time Server Monitoring

Fix Up To 50 Windows 7, And Vista Problems, With Free FixWin

Kate Middleton Nude – As If!


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15 thoughts on “Geek Squeak (#112): Tech Thoughts is A Geek Squeak Trophy Winner

Add yours

  1. Thank you Rick.

    To be recognized in this way by a peer is a great compliment, and a true honor.

    I’d like to point out, that your support has been an invaluable assist to me. You keep me on the straight and narrow. 🙂



    1. Bill,

      I had been holding off for this for some time. I was waiting for you to hit the 3 Mil mark and I looked up the other day and you had went way past it. That counter on your site is like an odometer on a car going a 100 mph. It is truly amazing what you have done with your blog.



  2. Rick,
    I agree. Bill’s site was the first I posted to my blogroll; and if I had my way, would be required reading before someone could get their Internet Surfers License. A wealth of truly valuable information there!


    1. TechPaul,

      Your site, Tech-for Everyone as well; “required reading”… If you remember it was you and Bill that baited me into bloggig. I forgot what the “bait” was, but I got hooked. By the way, talk about getting “hooked”, I see a big trout on your site today : )



      1. Much deserved! Bill’s place was one of the first I discovered when I first started my blog. As you say “required reading” is the order of the day. I have turned countless people to his blog and I myself have learned so much from him.


  3. Bill is always in my regular RSS feed and so is Rick. If Rick gives Bill the award, I strongly agree as I’ve been reading whatsonmypc and I have always seen Rick recommending the best to his readers.


  4. Seeing the quality of work of both Rick and Bill, I would say that it is time for you own home .. your own domain names that can be branded much better than a subdomain??


  5. Bill ~ well deserved & hard earned

    The Rick blog & The Bill blog… both in my top dozen ‘go to’ places ~ thank you both for expanding my knowledge


  6. Bill’s site, and yours, are among a small handful of sites that I have my gmail assign a special label to (with a star even!) – to make sure I have no trouble find new post notifications even if I haven’t checked my mail for a while! 😀


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