An Example of One of the Worst Email Internet Petitions

Today I received an email petition, titled Fwd: Social Security Changes that indicated even though you dislike Obama, the Senate voted this week to allow ‘illegal’ aliens access to Social Security benefits.  The email went on further to reflect “If you don’t forward the petition and just stop it, we will lose all these names. At the bottom of this email was listed literally thousands of peoples’ names, thinking it was real and had forwarded on.

It is not real and is an example of how the internet is being used as a propaganda tool to fill people’s minds with untruths and at the same time harvest your personal information. You can read more about this at Snopes.

Email Hoax

Last year I posted an article “Stop Chain Email” and from that article I would like to revisit some advice about these types of emails:

Delete forward emails, such as indicated, on the spot! I have yet to truly find one that really is of any benefit. Do not become part of the lie. Email chains spread panic,  insecurity, misinformation, and hate. Email chains are bandwidth hogs that lessen the effectiveness of email as a communication medium. As a matter of fact, we are destroying the credibility and security of our email systems because we are creating an environment of propaganda where we do not know what is true and what is not true.  I can tell you this much, if you rely on forward emails as your information source,  especially those with a political agenda, then you are truly lessening your credibility as a person in the know.

Keep in mind every time you forward that email, your email address is added to the other hundreds (and thousands) of email addresses that  have already been harvested.  In essence you are giving away information about yourself that could circulate worldwide and come back to haunt you. Chain emails feed on a persons psychic to the point that you, in good conscience, feel you need to forward it on!  Again, do not forward these emails and simply delete them.


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5 thoughts on “An Example of One of the Worst Email Internet Petitions

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  1. Your message is an important one, and I hope your readers will show it to their friends and loved ones who have a propensity for “forwarding” forwarded emails. (In my circle.. it always seems to be certain ones..)

    BTW, I believe your choice of language shows remarkable restraint and kindness. I am inclined to yell at folks who believe and forward this *stuff*. (And use less-nice language.)


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