Visit The World’s Biggest Online Pac-Man Game

Pac-Man is a game that we are all familiar with that has been around since 1980. The objective is to control Pac-Man through a maze, eating (dots) and not to be eaten (by Blinky, Pinky and Inky and Clyde). If Pac-Man is eaten, a life is lost.  If Pac-Man eats all of the dots, Pac-Man advances to the next level.


Pac-Man is now available in your web browser using HTML5 browser technology and that is not all.  It is “The World’s Biggest Pac-Man” game with hundreds of mazes to choose from. This particular Pac-Man has teamed up with Windows to show off and promote the capabilities of Internet Explorer 9. You can visit “The World’s Biggest Pac-Man” [HERE] .


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