The Recent Advancements of Google Docs

I was browsing the Google Docs’ blog and during the month of April Google Docs made some advancements that I believe is worth mentioning.

Google Docs

If you do not know what Google Docs is, then you are missing out on a real cloud computing experience that is FREE, that requires no software to install and will run directly from your web browser. If you are someone that only needs the occasional word processor to type a letter or a spreadsheet to track data, then Google Docs is really all that you need.

During the month of April, Google Docs made the following advancements toward becoming a full fledged office suite:

Improved printing in Spreadsheets

Added a number of printing options, including spreadsheet titles, sheet names and page numbers. You have control over which of these you want to print.

Pagination comes to Google Docs

Added a classic word processing feature—pagination, the ability to see visual pages on your screen.

Simpler file upload in Google Docs

Added folder upload via the new Upload menu in the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Upload images in Google Spreadsheets

You can now upload images to Google spreadsheets. From theInsert menu, select Image… Then, choose an image file to upload into your spreadsheet.


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