Best 119 Free Windows Programs

With computers being mainstreamed in people’s homes for more than 10 years it still amazes me that people do not realize the gold mine that is available in FREE software. To put this in perspective, I have three computers in my home and all three, with the exception of one, have nothing on them but FREE software apps. The one exception is that I have Microsoft Office installed on my main PC, due I need it for my job; otherwise, all the other apps are FREE. To put this further in perspective, any software you see reviewed on my blog, is FREE software.


If you are interested in getting a start on using FREE software, has compiled a list of the best 119 FREE Windows programs.  They have conveniently categorized the apps to make navigation easy. You can preview those categories below and while you are on their site, check out their other articles. Great site; highly recommended!

Anti-virus Malware removal Firewall Apps Defragmenters
File Recovery Uninstallers Backup Apps System Maintenance
Browsers Email Clients Communication Photos/Images
Audio Tools Video Tools Files/Drives Documents
Productivity Archive Managers CD/DVD Tools Downloads


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