[Did You Know?] You Can Select Multiple Files That Are Not Grouped Together

Have you ever been in your Pictures folder (or another folder) and wanted to copy a select group of pictures (or files) to another folder or destination and they are not grouped together. Most people, in that case, will individually click each picture (or file), right mouse click, select copy, then go to the destination folder and and right mouse click and select paste.  This can be very time consuming if you have numerous files.

There is a much easier way to accomplish the task that I find most people do not use. Using the same scenario, hold down the “Ctrl” key on the keyboard and left mouse click (highlight) the individual files you want to copy.


When done, keep the mouse pointer on one of the highlighted files, right mouse click, select copy (or whatever you want to do), then go to the destination folder, and right mouse click and select paste. You can perform other operations, such as cut or delete, using this technique.

The point here is to use the “Ctrl” key to individually select multiple files that are not grouped together to perform whatever operation you desire to perform. The Pictures folder was used as an example only.  This function will work in any file folder and sometimes even in applications, such as Microsoft Word, to select text that is not grouped together in a document, etc…

BONUS TIP:  Tip: Keyboard Shortcuts – Manage Your Windows with Alt

[DID YOU KNOW?] is something NEWhere at What’s On My PC and will be an ongoing project that will give you tidbits or bytes of computer information that I find that is really useful or unique.  If you have anything that you would like to see posted in the future, that may be helpful to others, feel free to let me know by leaving a comment below.


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4 thoughts on “[Did You Know?] You Can Select Multiple Files That Are Not Grouped Together

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  1. In addition, you can use the SHIFT key to highlight consecutive files. Click on the first file, then hold SHIFT and click on the last file and it will select every file in between. This is like using the mouse to highlight a large collection of files.


    1. Anon,

      Thanks Anon… Another great file management trick! I use that all the time; PLUS, to hightlight ALL FILES in a folder, hit “Ctrl + A”.

      Thank you for commenting and the great description on how to use the SHIFT key.



  2. I tried the Ctrl and Shift combinations and neither of them worked. Is there anything I can modify in my lap configuration to make these combinations work?
    I have a laptop which runs windows vista home premium.
    Thank you for your help.



    1. Arturo,

      Something you are doing is not right… Should work on your laptop with no problem. When selecting a file (in Windows Explorer for example), hold the CTRL key down then mouse click on the file(s) you desire. Each time you click on a file it should be come highlighted.



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