How The Satirical Work of the Onion Combined With Facebook Equals Literally Unbelievable

If you are a reader of the blog, you most likely have seen one of my favorite sayings; “believe nothing and verify everything!”. I usually make that statement to let people know that just because it is on the internet, it is not always true. As a matter of fact, the internet is most likely the largest source of satire, gossip and untruths.

The Onion, Facebook and Literally Unbelievable

To validate my point, Steve over at Scoroncocolo contacted me about an article that he had written called The Onion, Facebook and Literally where he writes about how The Onion and Facebook make a pretty good team in that, it has been proven, that many of the users of Facebook literally and seriously believe what is posted on The Onion. The Onion is a satirical news outlet that publishes fake news stories so well that they can be quite convincing. As a matter of fact, just this morning, there is a story published titled, Church Cancelled Due to Lack of God.

Born from The Onion and Facebook connection was another site called Literally Unbelievable that interprets how the Facebook users are perceiving the stories, as published by The Onion.

So, if you are looking for a good story about how this mix works, I encourage you to jump over to Steve’s site and read The Onion, Facebook and Literally

And, don’t forget…  “believe nothing and verify everything!”.


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