Advice On Using Computer Forums for Learning and for Help

imageWhen you experience stubborn computer problems, one of the best starting points to research the problem are the computer repair and information technology related forums. Many times, by simply conducting a search of the forum, you will find that someone else may have experienced the same issue you are experiencing that will give you clues to a potential fix.

imageAlso, if you are a student of technology, the forums are excellent resources to read about and experience the computer problems people are facing in the real world. If you are tech savvy enough, join a reputable forum and begin polishing up on your helpdesk skills by assisting others. Remember, as a student of technology, the first attitude adjustment to get under your belt, that should become your motto is, “there are no dumb questions”. Never make the person you are assisting feel like they are beneath you.

imageAs with anything on the internet, “believe nothing and verify everything!”. Just because you see a potential solution, to your problem, in a forum; make sure you validate the solution and the person offering the solution. I often use computer based forums to search for clues to problems then validate potential solutions by using Google to search the solution. Believe me, no one out there knows the answer to every computer problem.

If you would like to check out and experience how forums work, a good launching point is a website called Computer Technician.


Visit the page titled Top 10 Computer Repair Forums and Message Boards.


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8 thoughts on “Advice On Using Computer Forums for Learning and for Help

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  1. Thanks Rick – I’ve bookmarked those now

    What I would like to see is a search engine to which the user can apply a ‘white list’ filter of trusted sites to search [not just one site as in Google, but a dozen say]


      1. If you DO think of a way, please be sure to post about it. I think that Google haven’t built this obvious feature because it would screw up the ads revenue

        It would be great to have a crowd-sourcing Google app so that users could choose a range of ‘white list filters’ depending on subject. Imagine that you wanted to find a craftsman to re-cover your leather chair. All you would do is find & apply a ‘furniture restorers’ filter that an expert has built. Bingo – your results would not include useless price comparison sites & sellers of cheap flat pack garbage. Heaven !


  2. Rick,

    Computer forums = the blind leading the blind.

    Other than Wilders, Tom’s Hardware, Bleepingcomputer, and 5/6 others, I wouldn’t waste my time.

    When relying on answers from a forum, users would be wise to follow your advice “believe nothing and verify everything!”.

    As my Grandfather used to say “Never take directions from someone who hasn’t been where you’re going.” Unfortunately, forums are full of advice from people who “haven’t been there”.



    1. Bill,

      Agree with you and thanks for the others you provided. I have used forums, in times of desperation, to get clues to issues. Always important to check out the validity of the forum, as well.



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