Show The Real Size of Folders On Your Computer

When collecting music, photos, videos, etc. on your computer the amount of space being taken up can add up very quickly.  Granted, most hard drives in today’s world of computing will handle the load; however, I still recommend that you practice good file management and monitor the amount of space you are using to eliminate any potential problems.

So, if you are a packrat of music, photo and video files, which can consume a great deal of hard drive space,  I suggest using a utility, such as SizeOnDisk to monitor and determine how much space you are consuming and how much space you have available.

I recently started using SizeOnDisk and I like the fact that it is available as a portable application (<400K) and the fact it is quite fast in giving results. Another fact I personally enjoy with SizeOnDisk, as a software reviewer, is that it is in the active development stages.  I love following the development stages and improvements of software as they come about.

The first time you run SizeOnDisk, you will be presented with the following Window.  To get a read on a drive or a specific folder on your computer, click on the open folder and make your selection.


For example, I selected a folder on on my PC where I store most of my files and SizeOnDisk provided the following results (number of folders, number of files, file size and size on the disk).


SizeOnDisk is a plain and simple utility that serves one purpose and serves it well.


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2 thoughts on “Show The Real Size of Folders On Your Computer

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  1. Hi Rick

    I miss FolderSize which you didn’t need to ‘run’ – it just put a column in explorer that showed the size of all the folders & all of the time, but it doesn’t work above XP


    According ZABKAT has the solution using his xplorer² – see section 4 at the bottom of this page that’s entitled “Column Handlers Revived”. I get the impression that one ends up with FolderSize back in action right up to (& including) Win7, but I haven’t tried it yet – I could easily be wrong 🙂


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