[Did You Know?] – About the Windows 7 Mouse Shake Feature

There is a feature in Windows 7 that can come in quite handy in those instances where you have multiple windows open and you want to minimize those windows with the exception of the one you are working in.  It is called Aero Shake.

Here is how it works:  Let’s say for example you have four windows open and one of those Windows is Internet Explorer.  You decide you want to focus your attention on Internet Explorer and minimize the other three windows. Instead of minimizing each one separately, simply position the mouse pointer on the top of the Internet Explorer pane, hold down the left mouse button and give the mouse a shake. If you did this correctly, all the windows will minimize to the taskbar with the exception of Internet Explorer. Again, this was example (using Internet Explorer) and will work with any window you have open.

Video Demo of Aero Shake

Video - Aero Shake

Here’s another great tip provided by Tech-for Everyone:
How To Restore The Menu Bar In Vista And Windows 7


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