My Neglect Paid Off Two Times Resulting in a HP 2311 LED Monitor

My bank had in place a points reward program where you accumulated points when you used your bank card, which I was totally unaware of, until recently. With these points you could go shopping for pre-selected merchandise. The bank recently sent notice that the rewards program terminated in May and that I had until July 31st to redeem any points I may have accumulated.  Guess what?  My neglect paid off. By the luck of the draw I was able to use my points to order a Hewlett Packard 2310 23” LCD Monitor. During the wait for this monitor I did some research on the HP 2310 and immediately began noticing that the HP 2310 had high user ratings; however, it was at the end of its’ shelf life and was not in stock on many sites.  At this point my spirit started breaking and I commenced thinking that I would be getting a refurbished monitor instead.

Today the monitor arrived, as promised; however, my neglect to this rewards program paid off a second time. I did not receive the HP 2310 monitor; instead, I received the HP 2311 23” LED monitor which is a current generation monitor. It was like being a kid again and it was Christmas time (in June)…HP 2311 LED Monitor

I will start off saying one thing. The HP 2311 LED monitor is awesome!

From (un) packaging to desktop, I was up in running within 20 minutes. After you unpack the monitor you will be required to install the base stand (which is very easy to do). With the base stand installed you can angle the monitor up and down. Connecting to the PC is very easy and you have option of either using the included VGA or DVI-D cable.  Once the monitor and computer is powered up, Windows 7 will automatically install a generic driver for this monitor which will work fine; however, I recommend using the driver software that is supplied on the CD that is included with the monitor.

Once I had this monitor fired up and running, I simply sat back in awe and was saying to myself, “How do they do this?”.  The brightness, the clarity, the sharpness, the definition, etc… are all right on target. The whites are pure white and the blacks are pure black. It is very noticeable in comparison with my LCD monitor.  I have only had this monitor for a very short period of time; however, I have been behind hundreds of monitors and this one surely has to be one of the best I have worked with.

Here are the specs for this monitor. If interested, A good starting point to purchase this monitor is Amazon [ HERE ] .

Monitor type: 23″ ultra-slim LED monitor

Native Resolution:1920×1080

Contrast Ratio (typical):1,000:1 (typical) 3,000,000:1 (Dynamic)

Brightness (typical): 250 nits

Pixel pitch: 0.265 mm

Response rate (typical):5 ms

ENERGY STAR Qualified: ENERGY STAR qualifed and EPEAT Silver registered

Signal Input Connector: VGA, DVI-D (with HDCP), HDMI (with HDCP)

Misc. Tilt:Yes (0 to +25 degrees)

Dimensions: 16.40 (h) x 21.97 (w) x 6.26 (d)

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8 thoughts on “My Neglect Paid Off Two Times Resulting in a HP 2311 LED Monitor

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  1. Hey, Rick, that was lucky. (Always nice to hear of good things happening for good people!)

    MHO is HP is second only to the Apple monitors, and is my reco when asked. (Pricey, tho.)


    1. TechPaul,

      This monitor is awesome; and, YES this was luck. The only downside to all of this was trying to get this into my rolltop desk (which I eventually did).

      Thanks for dropping by…



  2. On the contrary…when I vacation, I shut off my hp2311x, take my laptop off the line…come back from vacation and it does not work…this has happened twice in the past eight months…any ideas? I do not even recall a disk with my new set at all. I used to see an arrow that points to the monitor…in other words, the lap top will not shift to the 2311 at all, the cable is set properly as before, and sometimes reads connection…I have a HP HDX16…am supp
    to hit f4 but woe is me. no workee…anyone?


  3. Just got mine to thru “points” on my credit card. I thought I was getting the 2310 but instead got the newer 2311. It is really nice.


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