Monitor Multiple Types of Natural Hazard Events Worldwide with Earth Alert

Many people today express concern about the magnitude of the natural disasters that have occurred or are presently occurring. I personally do believe mother earth is going through a noticeable change; however, natural disasters have always been part of the life cycle.

In today’s world we have become more exposed and sensitized to these events, in real time, through the use of the internet, digital media and satellite communications.  In other words we hear (and see it) as it happens and we actually become part of the story; whereas in the past we were told about the story following the event.

To put this into perspective and to give an example, I want you to take a look at an online cloud application called Earth Alert that uses Google Map overlay technology to show various natural hazard events around the world.

Earth Alert

Earth Alert has the ability to display various natural hazard events as they occur and automatically retrieve the latest information from various live data feeds available on the Internet and present it to you in a convenient arrangement of reports, maps and images. For example, I selected the natural hazard event of “Fire” and earth alert displayed fire events for the U.S.

Earth Alert

Remember much of what you are seeing in Earth Alert is based on data feeds from various sources and may not show every event occurring in the world. What Earth Alert does point out is that mother earth continues to naturally evolve and it is technology such as this that makes us more aware of these events.

You can visit Earth Alert [HERE]

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