I Did Not Have A Hand In This bing Thing!

When you write a blog post or article you hope to get feedback, through the comments section, from your readers. I always make it a practice to respond back, even if it is just to say thank you; however, with anything there are exceptions.

There was one article, back in May of 2009, titled bing – Microsoft’s New Search Engine that went viral with the comments to the point that I stopped responding and I’ll tell you why.

Bing Wallpaper

Following that post, I must have hit pretty high in the Google search page ranking (or bing page ranking) for the article. As a result people must have thought that I had a hand in this bing thing or that I actually developed bing. Following that article I immediately, and still do to this day, received really nasty comments telling me how bing took over their computers and they want me, yes me, to remove it.  Now, there has been a few people who have come to my defense and have pointed out that poor Rick has no play in this. I will usually give them a pat on the back with a response of some type.

I really think Microsoft, who owns and operates bing, should at least compensate me with a prize or something for promoting bing and for ultimately absorbing some of their pains as a result of the promotion.

In the end, I have truly enjoyed the comments and actually look forward to reading them as they continue to trickle in. As a matter of fact to keep it going, I encourage you to visit bing – Microsoft’s New Search Engine and add your comments to what I am now calling the “bing hall of shame”.  Also, as a reward to those you came to my defense, the image reflected above is actually a bing wallpaper for your computer that you can wear proud…

“If I did have a hand in this bing thing,
a poor blogger I would not sing”.

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15 thoughts on “I Did Not Have A Hand In This bing Thing!

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  1. Rick,

    And we wonder why it is these morons get malware on their machine! If they can’t read for content, they shouldn’t be allowed within a mile of a computer.

    The tech savvy generation – how laughable is that!



  2. Bill,

    I was going to post, in the article, something similar; however, I figured someone would point that out. That someone was you!

    What I am finding is that the tech savvy generation is no further ahead today as it was 10 years ago. If anything it is worse.

    As always, I appreciate your support and comments.



  3. I’ve had a few like this. It always entertains me at how people skip write over the article and just start typing in the comments when it isn’t what they expect.

    People have blamed me for errors in Microsoft products (Microsoft Word), asked me to fix a problem with a video web service being to slow at their school(xtranormal), and provided me with information to see if they have any money owed them (Unclaimed.org).

    For a funny read, you should see the story of how ReadWriteWeb was mistaken as the login page for Facebook. Pretty sure it’s (going to be) an Internet Classic.



    Oh yeah, keep up the good work with Bing. You’re giving Google a run for their money! 😉


    1. Jason,

      I guess this goes to prove that we are doing something right with out blogs, even when the wires get crossed.

      Thanks for sharing the links you provided. Helps make the article even better.



      1. @Gerard

        Being tech savvy and having a high reading comprehension level are directly linked. How could it be otherwise.

        Giving the complexity of today’s tech, without the ability to understand what’s being read, gaining tech competency is a no-go. I deal with this issue every day at the corporate level.

        If a reader can’t tell the difference between a public blog, and a Microsoft site, there’s little doubt in my mind, that person is not tech savvy.



  4. I feel your pain. Every time I deign to write an article that doesn’t represent Apple in the most glowing of spotlights, I get barraged with insults–not two adults sharing our disparate opinions, but readers swearing I’m too stupid to write the column if I can’t see the truth behind Apple’s beauty.



    1. Jacqui,

      I take the “pains” in stride and strike it up as it being a part of blogging. I could not imagine anyone going to debate with you; being the wonderful person that you are.



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