Scroll Through 11.77 Miles at the World’s Highest Website

I often wondered, when I continued to add tech sites to the listing at my sister site, Bookmarks4Techs, if there were any limitations in how high (or how long) I technically could make the site?  As a result of this wonderment I found a site on the internet that is called the World’s Highest Website.

World's Highest Website

The World’s Highest Website is currently 18.939 kilometers high (that’s about 11.77 miles).  The site is an experiment of sorts to determine specific browser limitations.  When you get there, I encourage you to take the elevator. Scrolling through 11.77 miles of web page may take awhile.

This website is a CSSexperiment. Due to its nature, there are some accessibility limitations, but anybody just slightly experienced will understand. The technical and design principles of this site are simple:

  • One HTMLcontainer;
  • pure CSS styling;
  • no workarounds, filters, or hacks.

Known, yet interesting issues:

For the record—Gecko-based browsers like Firefox show an interesting behavior when you want to make the site any higher (than precisely 18.939583 kilometers, that is), namely by “shrinking” or “collapsing” its main container;

Internet Explorer doesn’t accept internal references behind the real action, and it’s unclear if the container’s height really is 18.939 kilometers (though it’s quite high—or long—nonetheless).

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