A New Service by Google Called “What Do You Love?”

Steve over at Scoroncocolo contacted me with another Google service that he came across, called “What do you love?” , that I do not think is too well known at this time.

Scoroncocolo - What Do You Love

When you type something into What Do You Love‘s search box and hit your Enter key, you are presented with a new Webpage with lots of little boxes that looks a lot like an iGoogle page. Each of the little boxes contain information from one of 20 or so of Google services like Maps, Calendar, Google News, etc. that show results in those services for the term you searched for.

I want Steve to get full glory on this, so jump over to his site [HERE] and read about What Do You Love and how to get to it.

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4 thoughts on “A New Service by Google Called “What Do You Love?”

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  1. Glad you brought up Google’s “What do you Love.” I actually tried it out for the first time yesterday. I typed “Windows 7” into the toolbar and was presented with options to “Translate ‘Windows 7’ into 57 languages” and “Explore Windows 7 in 3D.” It didn’t help me find products that could fix Windows 7 problems, but it was pretty interesting. Have you found it useful?


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