Increase Your iGoogle Screen Space with Super iGoogle

Before I get into what Super iGoogle is all about, there are a couple things you need to know (or have in place) before you can use Super iGoogle.

Super iGoogle is a Google Chrome browser extension, once installed, becomes an add-on for your iGoogle page or pages. So two things are required here. One, you must be a Google Chrome browser user and two you must be an iGoogle page user; both of which I recommend.

iGoogle lets you create a personalized homepage that contains a Google search box at the top, and your choice of any number of gadgets below. Gadgets come in lots of different forms and provide access to activities and information from all across the web, without ever having to leave your iGoogle page. Here are some things you can do with gadgets.

I love my customized iGoogle homepage to pull in my email, calendar, task, news, gadgets, etc… ; all in one place. This saves me from having to visit each location separately to get this information.

The only complaint that I have about iGoogle is that the header, sidebar and footer eat into your screen space which results in a crowded screen interface. This is a real issue when you are using a tablet PC, netbook or notebook computer where you need all the screen space that you can get.

As a result of this problem, I started to think there has to be a way to turn the header, sidebar and footer “off”.  Now, you probably have seen me state it before, “if you can think of it; someone has already done it”.  Sure enough, I soon found a solution and what a great solution it is.

Super iGoogle to the rescue!

The solution to this problem is Super iGoogle. As I stated, Super iGoogle is a Google Chrome browser extension that will enhance your experience with iGoogle.

What it does is this:

It plugs in options into your iGoogle page menu to turn “off” the header, sidebar or footer. You can pick and choose which component you want to turn“on” or “off”; AND, since the sidebar is an important component in iGoogle, you can set it to “autohide”.  In my particular case, I turned “off” the header and footer and set the sidebar to “autohide”.

Another really cool part about Super iGoogle is that each of these page elements can be separately turned on/off using the settings menu or the following keyboard shortcuts: Header: Alt+1. Sidebar: Alt+2. Footer: Alt+3. Minisearch: Alt+4.

Super iGoogle

So if you are an iGoogle user, Super iGoogle is a definite must-have application. This is something that Google themselves need to take a look at and make it a standard iGoogle option.

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