Search and Browse at the Same Time with Search Lion

The one element of the internet that has not really changed much over the past decade is the method which we interact with search engines. You input what you want to search for and the results is provided as a list of links where you are required to navigate back and forth from the generated list. By the time you open numerous browser tabs and navigate back and forth to the search results, it is easy to find yourself getting lost.

I came across a new method of searching, called SearchLion, that uses current browser technology and serves as the frontend interface to the Google and Yahoo search engines.


SearchLion is different than anything I have experienced when it comes to performing a search. You enter what you are searching, as you normally would; however, when the list of results are provided you will notice that the listing is to the left side of your screen. Adjacent to each link in the listing you will see a small “open” button which will allow you to open the link on the right side of the screen in a fully navigable and resizable browser window.  You can do this with each and every link of interest without ever leaving the search result screen.  During my testing of SearchLion I found it to be very fast; and just the ability to open a link in an adjacent window is definitely a productivity boost right there.

That feature is only one aspect of SearchLion. It get’s better! To really appreciate SearchLion you have really have to stroke its’ mane and take it for a ride. SearchLion is currently in beta and developers seem to be really open to any suggestion you (the enduser) may have to offer.

Other features to explore in Search Lion are:

1.  Search Browsing
2.  MultiView
3.  Saved Searches
4.  User Features

Instead of me boring you with my explanation of these awesome features, you can get a detailed explanation of these features, along with videos, [HERE] .  Also, to follow along with the development of SearchLion, I encourage you to bookmark their blog [HERE].

In the end, I know I will keep going back to SearchLion to take advantage of the ingenious method of searching and to see what is new in terms of its’ development.

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7 thoughts on “Search and Browse at the Same Time with Search Lion

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  1. Rick,

    I agree – an improvement over regular searching but, CoolPreviews beats this hands down, in my view.

    CoolPreviews has much, much more, functionality. No need to click on anything – simple cursoring over a link (any link on any page – not just search results), opens that link in an adjustable window. Better yet, the link window can be operated on just as if you were on the site.

    Checkout –



  2. Bill,

    I wish they had CoolPreviews extension for Google Chrome. I do like the cloud based concept of SearchLion in that no installation of anything is required. It still has a ways to go; however, I will be monitoring its’ development.




  3. I also like the idea of having these features without installing an add-on Rick. While Bill has makes some good points in favor of CoolPreviews, I discovered complaints about it when I looked at the reviews on the addons page. Interestingly enough, one of the complaints was about a conflict with Tab Mix Plus, which I had to disable because it broke my search bar when I upgraded to Firefox 5.0!

    I’ll be trying SearchLion.very soon.


  4. Rick, thanks for the great review, Bill and Izaak, thanks the comments. Rick is absolutely correct in his remark about installation: our main point was to have something 1) accessible on every browser, and 2) accessible to non-techies, most of whom have no idea what a plug-in is.

    “It still has a ways to go”

    Please do let us know what you feel can be improved, and we’ll get right on it!


  5. I don’t trust it: tracked over 300 posts on Twitter of Spam posts..all linking to searchlion.. If you have to SPAM Twitter to find clients you are a fraud..


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