Must See – 3D Color Printing of a Crescent Wrench

You have to see this to believe it! I initially thought this was a hoax of some type.

It is a 3D printer (by Z Corporation) that has the ability to capture an object, edit the appearance of the object, then actually print (or replicate) a 3D working composite model of the object. The 3D printer (called the Zprinter) starts out by using a specially engineered powder that is mixed with a binder material that solidifies the powder particles.

Hold a full color, realistic 3D model in your hands to impart infinitely more information than a computer image.


To see the printer in action I encourage you to watch the video below of a Crescent wrench being replicated using the ZPrinter.

ZPrinter–3D Printing

To learn more about the 3D Printers, by Z Corporation, you can download and preview their brochure [ HERE ] .

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4 thoughts on “Must See – 3D Color Printing of a Crescent Wrench

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  1. That is NOT a copy of his wrench. Granted, the technology is amazing; but the video is misleading, either by design or through very sloppy editing with a low regard for accuracy (aka “truth”).

    It seems glaringly obvious to me that it is not a simple matter of scanning the wrench and printing it. Information had to be added and manipulated by a human in order to have the cavities in the right places, the spiral of the adjusting threads; definition of the individual, interworking parts and their tolerances identified, etc. Apparently, they already had all the parameters for a similar wrench in memory to print from, and they found it more convenient to just use that.


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