[GEEK SQUEAKS] – Free Clocks, Hacker Group, Scam Phone Calls, and Five Minute Security

Geek Squeaks'

FREE Vector Clocks
101+ Vector Clocks Available

Plato On-Line
Hacker Group Release 90,000 Military E-mail Accounts

Phone Calls Are Used To Scam Computer Users

Paul’s Home Computing Blog
Five Minute Security Tip: Have An Attack Recovery Plan


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3 thoughts on “[GEEK SQUEAKS] – Free Clocks, Hacker Group, Scam Phone Calls, and Five Minute Security

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  1. Hey Rick,
    Just thought I’d let you know that the “faster pc clean clean” link in your blogroll as a virus on it my virus scanner pick it up when I was on your site.


    1. Shane,

      What scanner are you using? Web of Trust, for awhile was classifying it as a bad site due to the nature of what the site is about; however, I can assure you it is a “false positive”.



  2. @Shane

    I think you mean your “Browser link checker” – not “virus scanner”.

    The site offers this disclaimer.

    FYI: we need to be transparent. Some links are to software that we may earn a commission for. But most links are for convenience’s sake.

    Apparently, this is not enough for some of the morons at WOT who discredit the good work of the overall WOT community by waging personal vendettas against an increasing number of sites – including this one.

    You should know that WOT is the only add-on that discredits this site. Every other link checker gives this site a green rating across the board.

    WOT is increasingly open to condemnation because of the critical activities of a very small number of disproportionally dominant individuals.

    I have spoken many times to the owner of this site, and will be again this evening – my advice to her has always been constant – sue WOT for defamation.

    WOT needs to be held accountable for supporting malicious and unfounded comments which are not based on acceptable IT protocols and practices.



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