I Need A Hacker -The Importance of Securing Your Wi-Fi Connection

Hacker Wanted

I Need a Hacker…

This is actually a request that was published on Craigslist today, in my region, under the “Computer Services” category…

Here is exactly, word-for-word, with typos and everything, the service this nut was publicly requesting:


I Need A Hacker

I need someone who can come to my apt, unlock one of my neibors wifi connections and give me the password so i can mooch off of it. two of the signals are wep type wivh i hear is simple to unlock if you know how. i dont have the skill or expertise but will pay you to come do it.


What was ironic about finding this real world post at Craigslist is that I had just read an article at How To Geek titled, How To Secure Your Wi-Fi Network Against Intrusion.  In that article the following statements jumped out at me:

“In a perfect world you could leave your Wi-Fi networks wide open to share with any passing Wi-Fi starved travelers who desperately needed to check their email or lightly use your network. In reality leaving your Wi-Fi network open create unnecessary vulnerability wherein non-malicious users can sponge up lots of our bandwidth inadvertently and malicious users can pirate using our IP as cover, probe your network and potentially get access to your personal files, or even worse. What does even worse look like?  In the case of Matt Kostolnikit looks like a year of hell as your crazy neighbor, via your hacked Wi-Fi network, uploads child pornography in your name using your IP address and sends death threats to the Vice President of the United States.”.

The point here is this, the Craiglist posting I have reflected demonstrates how imperfect this world truly is. If you are using Wi-Fi, then lock it down. 

Here are some good reads on wireless networking security:

What’s On My PC: Protecting your wireless network…

Many of today’s wireless routers have the capability to reach great distances outside the walls of the home, which allows outside intruders to easily connect to your network/router. [READ MORE]

Paul’s Home Computing Blog: Wireless Networks: Is Yours Secure?

For those of you who have wireless networks in your home: here’s some bad news. Half of them are vulnerable to be hacked…in 5 seconds! So states an article in NetworkWorld. But take heart in the fact that it’s not difficult to secure your home wireless network. – [READ MORE]

TTC Shelbyville: One in four wireless networks are still unsecure

Home users are still setting up their wireless wrong by not providing a WPA2 (AES) form of encryption.  Approximately 23% of home users still have open internet that neighbors or anyone passing by can use.   (22 million are secure and 9 million remain unsecure!) [READ MORE]

Tech-for Everyone: How to secure your wireless network

This is a simple process, and once you have completed the steps only the people who know the password you set (namely, you!) can use your Internet connection. Not only will this prevent freeloaders from surfing the Web on your dime (stealing your bandwidth), but because encryption scrambles the data, it will prevent hackers from reading the ‘packets’ your computer transmits (ie, “reading your mail”), and prevent them from easily accessing the computers on your home network. [READ MORE]

Bill Mullins’ Weblog – Tech Thoughts: Your Electric Wiring Is A Wi-Fi Network Alternative

Power Line Communications (PLC) is a technology that uses the electrical wiring in your home, or your office, to provide network and Internet communication between attached devices, including computers, digital media devices such as a Tivo/Slingbox, and gaming consoles like the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, or Nintendo Wii. [READ MORE]

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