Access Your Windows Live SkyDrive Files from Windows Explorer

Windows Live SkyDrive is the 25 GB online (cloud) storage space that is available (FREE) to anyone who has a  Windows Live Account (e.g. Hotmail Account). 25 GB’s of FREE online storage space is nothing to sneeze about and is worth its’ weight in gold. The advantage to using an online service such as SkyDrive is that you can upload your files then share or access them from anywhere on the internet; PLUS, you can create, edit, and share Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files online—even if you do not have Microsoft Office installed on your PC.

The only complaint that I have with SkyDrive is that it is limited in functionality when it comes to the file management aspect of the application.  Sure, you can rename, copy, delete, etc. individual files; but trying to perform these operations in bulk is not possible.

imageA solution to this problem is a software application, called SDExplorer, that will give you the ability to access your Windows Live SkyDrive files directly from Windows Explorer.

Windows Live SkyDrive

In other words, after you install SDExplorer you will be able to access your SkyDrive files directly from Windows Explorer and perform the same file operations that you typically perform (such as cut, copy, paste, delete) – as if the files were on your computer.

The real beauty to SDExplorer is that you can perform bulk file operations, as well, such as: Renaming objects; Deleting objects; Copying folders with files and subfolders; and, Changing folder share types.

If you are worried about security with SDExplorer…

SDExplorer uses the standard Microsoft library for working with Windows Live ID™ services. Your personal information does not leave this library and is not even passed to the SDExplorer engine. Additionally, all of your online storage-related traffic is transmitted using the HTTPS protocol, protecting your data from snoopers.

There is a FREE Base Edition of SDExplorer and an Advanced Edition of SDExplorer.  [CLICK HERE] to compare the editions and I think you will find that the FREE Base Edition is all you will need to access your SkyDrive files from your home computer.

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9 thoughts on “Access Your Windows Live SkyDrive Files from Windows Explorer

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  1. Hey Rick,
    I installed this a few days ago but it can’t connect to my Skydrive even when I’m signed in and have rebooted my pc. Maybe it would suddenly work like some of my apps.


    1. Pochp,

      If you are using Windows 7, click on the “Start Menu” button and you should see (if it is turned “on”) the word “Computer”. Click on that and if SDExplorer is functioning you should see an SDExplorer folder under the word “Other”.



  2. Hi,

    can you tell me if this is possible to use on a Toshiba tablet that is running on android? I can access this using my laptop but I have word docs that are using the developer tab and so far can’t seem to edit the drop down boxes. Any help would be appreciated!


  3. I try to install, when click the icon, it is said that SD Explorer cannot connect to SkyDrive Account and suggest to chect networkconnection, firewall settings etc. Setup up of Networking and firewall in my computer is fine, I can connect for brwosing normally. I am wondering there is some services in my Windows 7 do not active but I doent know which one. Any help.


    1. Setiawan Hadi,

      Thank you for visiting the blog. Make sure you have your Microsoft Live (or Hotmail) account information entered correctly. If this does not work, do not be afraid to contact the developer of SDExplorer.



  4. SD Explorer cannot connect. I am using the Windows Live Upload Tool (included in the Live Messenger components). I drag and drop hundreds of files in one shot. Why bother with SD Explorer when it does the same.


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