[DID YOU KNOW?] – You Can Move The Windows 7 Taskbar to Make Your Workspace More Productive

The Windows Taskbar, which is the bar located at the bottom of screen can be moved to either side of the screen or to the top.

Windows Taskbar

In today’s world of computing where widescreen displays are the status quo, it only makes sense to move the taskbar from the bottom of the screen to one of the sides of the screen. It is a matter of personal preference, as to what side. Regardless, what this does is give you more vertical space to work with. Yes, years ago when we had the square displays, the taskbar at the bottom made a whole lot of sense (provided more horizontal space).

Initially this change will not feel right at all; however, over a period of time, as you adjust to the change, you will find that by moving the taskbar to the side of the screen will result in a much more proportioned and productive workspace.

To make this even better, once you get the taskbar to the side of the screen, set it to “autohide” and then “lock the taskbar” to prevent it from being accidentally moved.  If, in the end, you just cannot adjust to these change, simply move the taskbar back to the bottom of the screen.

So how do you do all of this?

To Move The Taskbar: Left mouse click an empty space on the taskbar, and then hold down the mouse button as you drag the taskbar to one of the four edges of the desktop. When the taskbar is where you want it, release the mouse button.

To AutoHide The Taskbar: Position the mouse pointer on an empty space on the taskbar.  Right Mouse Click, select “Properties”, then checkbox “Lock The Taskbar”, then click on “Apply”, then “OK”.

To Lock The Taskbar: Right mouse click an empty space on the taskbar. If Lock the Taskbar has a check mark next to it, the taskbar is locked. You can unlock it by clicking Lock the Taskbar, which removes the check mark.

These same instructions will work for Windows Vista and Windows XP, with maybe some slight differences; however, the Windows 7 taskbar was specifically engineered to take in account any taskbar changes and adjust them accordingly.

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  1. Hey Rick,
    I tried to copy my Desktop icons to Documents using 2 file syncing apps but all I got was frustration. I think my subconscious worked again and I right-clicked on my desktop bar. Then I found out that you could embed your Desktop into the bar itself by clicking on ‘desktop’ on ‘Toolbars’! Now I don’t have to worry about missing or deleted desktop icons.


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