Great Instructional Videos to Learn the Basics of Windows 7

I am always on the hunt for instructional material for people that use their computers in their homes. With Windows 7, Microsoft has done a pretty good job with providing help and assistance; however, if you are not familiar with computers and Microsoft Windows, then locating these helpful tips can be a chore in itself. Also factor in the point that most people today do not have time to sit and read something that will not hold their attention span and is difficult to understand.

Windows 7 Basics

To resolve this issue, one solution is through video instruction,. I went on the hunt and found a nice array of FREE instructional videos on learning Windows 7 Basics at a website called Mahalo.

Mahalo - Windows 7 Basics

The videos are provided by Sean Hewitt, a Mahalo’s Windows expert.  The videos are very nicely organized and broken down into categories with a listing of videos under each category. The videos themselves are approximately 1-4 minutes or less in duration. When you launch a video, note that below the video window there is also provided easy to understand textual and pictorial descriptions of the material being presented. You can easily move from lesson to lesson following any video you have completed.

Follow this course and you will be able to use some of the more advanced Windows features. The curriculum consists of visual lessons starting at the basics and moving up to advanced. Although each lesson is taught in a manner that anyone can follow, even advanced users are guaranteed to learn some new tricks. The only thing you need for this course is to be ready to learn!

Category topics available are:

Windows 7 Navigation 25:06

System Settings 27:27

Browsing the Internet 31:45

Customize Windows 24:24

Basic Programs 30:28

Windows Media Center 11:32

Advanced Features 22:03

Test Your Knowledge 5:27

To visit, Mahalo and to watch the videos Learn Windows 7 Basics [CLICK HERE]

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  1. Great website recommendation, I’m always looking for new ways to enhance Windows 7 so hopefully I’ll be able to find some tips in these videos. I see that the videos show how to change screen resolution and the screen saver, but what if I want to get a dock that mirrors the “Snow Leopard” dock used in Apple’s operating system?


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