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As you well know, I love my weather apps; and, more and more of them keep cropping up.  Just came across a new one (to me) called

From what I am seeing, is currently in beta and generates their own weather results (current and future) and is not dependent on the repackaging of the government weather data.  The site is very nicely layed out, easy to navigate and uses Microsoft Bing mapping technology to display various weather condition layers. Appears it has the ability to load weather results for various worldwide locations; however, would like to hear from my readers on this.

Best bet on this one is to get in there, enter your location, and start playing around.  I find something different everytime I visit the site.  Keep in mind, the site is in beta, therefore bug-a-boos are expected.

History of how the site launched is as follows:

In the early days of television, meteorologists used magnetic chalkboards to show viewers the weather conditions. Presenting a forecast meant moving magnets around the board, then drawing frontal boundaries and temperatures by hand. This method was the standard for broadcasting weather, even into the ’60s and ’70s.

In 1974, an enterprising meteorologist in Madison, Wisconsin suggested that computer technology might be useful in the forecasting business. Terry Kelly and his collaborator bought an Apple II, and their company, Weather Central, ushered in a new era of computerized weather information.

Weather Central continues to innovate in the broadcasting arena, and now brings directly to you.


What makes the approach to online weather different?

Personalization – Save the locations you care about most.

Customized alerts – Get the severe weather notifications you choose, for your exact position, sent the way you prefer (SMS, smartphone, desktop).

Immediacy – Weather is front and center.

Portability – Sync your settings with our iPhone, Android and desktop apps (coming soon).

Detail – Patented approach to hourly forecasts includes an animated map with frame-by-frame specifics.

Dependability – Accurate, informative forecasts for anywhere on Earth, and we’ve earned the trust of meteorologists worldwide.

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4 thoughts on “Get Extensive Weather Results at

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    1. TeX,

      Great to hear from you. Yes, MyWeather is looking to be a winner app. Keep in mind, it is still in beta and you may experience some glitches. So far, I’m liking it as well.



  1. Great app. I really like the maps and how quickly you can move from current weather to maps to 10 day forecast. Very well done


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