Easy Timer – An Easy To Use Alarm Clock and Timer

Many occasions when I find myself getting tired I will take a power nap to rejuvenate this half century old body. Oftentimes I will use my computer as an alarm clock to wake me up. On the other end of the spectrum when I exercise to increase my energy level I will use the computer to time down my exercise session.

There are numerous software options and web apps available that you can find that will serve as an alarm clock and/or a timer. One option that I use as my “go to” alarm clock and timer is the portable app called Easy Timer.

Easy Timer

Easy Timer is small in file size; but, do not let that fool you. This portable app is less than 400KB and packed inside is a fully customizable (and resizable) alarm clock and timer with over 35 pre-installed alarm sounds. One neat way I found to resize Easy Timer was to rotate the scroll wheel on my mouse.

Main Features

  • Set up an alarm timer with just a few clicks
  • Separate analog desktop clock
  • Really easy and intuitive interface
  • Over 35 pre-installed alarm sounds
  • Multilingual: CA, DE, EN, ES, FR, IT, PT, SE
  • Portable: Just one executable, no need for installation

To download Easy Timer [ CLICK HERE ] . When you get to the web site, scroll to the bottom for the FREE version.

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4 thoughts on “Easy Timer – An Easy To Use Alarm Clock and Timer

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  1. Great find again Rick.
    I spent a lot time searching for a task timer and True Time Tracker was the only great one I found. Very useful for timing freelancing jobs and just as great as Easy Timer.


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