Control the Volume on Your Computer with Your Mouse and Hot Keys

If you are like me, you probably fiddle with the volume control on your computer or speakers on a frequent basis. Some keyboards already have a volume control built in; whereas the standard keyboard does not. On top of that, to regulate the volume you are required to shoot for the small volume control icon in the system tray to bring up the volume controls which can be like shooting for turkeys in a turkey shoot.

To make life easier and to give some pizazz to the volume control function I installed a new utility called Volume2.


Volume2 volume control allows the user to control the volume with the mouse and/or through the usage of hot keys. The control is performed by rotating the mouse wheel in different zones of the desktop, such as the task bar, system tray, desktop, window title, the edges of the screen. In my particular case I position my mouse pointer on the Windows taskbar and use the mouse wheel to raise or lower the volume. Where the pizazz is in Volume2 is in the skins. Yes , you can select various skins that will display the volume control as you regulate it. Very nice application with many customization options.

Customization and Setup Options

Customization and Setup Options

Volume Control Skins


The hardest thing I found with this application is that the website is in Russian and the download link is difficult to locate.  Since I use Google Chrome I was able to translate the page to English and the direct link for the download (for this version) is [HERE] . I anticipate the author to continue developing this app; therefore, you many have to select a different download link from the main page [HERE] .  Jumping through the hoops for Volume2 is worth it and maybe the developer will see this article and set up a section on the site that can be easily recognizable for direct downloads.

In the end, Volume2 is the nicest volume controller I have come across and highly recommend it.

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6 thoughts on “Control the Volume on Your Computer with Your Mouse and Hot Keys

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    1. Michael,

      I really do not know if a portable app version is available or not. I found the site somewhat difficult to navigate due to the language barrier, plus the placement of the download links. It is a really nice program and the author has a hit application here.



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