Big News This Past Week That Will Impact the World of Computing As We Know It

What I find so interesting these days is that we have so much information thrown at us in terms of “news” that we often are unable to process it all. This past week two major news events in the world of technology occurred that could impact the world of computing as we know it. What was interesting about this, prior to myself posting this article, is that I asked people, did you know or hear about Google buying Motorola Mobility and about Hewlett Packard’s exit from personal computers??? Not one person I conversed with knew about these hot news items…


The news about Google and Motorola Mobility is a strange (and suspicious) acquisition in itself. Google has been under the gun from patent infringement actions by Apple and Microsoft, as a result of its’ Android mobile operating system; and, some say this acquisition is a counter move or leverage tactic to protect itself. Pretty complex stuff, but this acquisition is another example of a big dog gaining control over the toys we use and buy (especially the Android driven smartphones and tablet PCs).

The news about Hewlett Packard dropping their personal computers just literally put me in shock. I have always owned HP computers in my home and now I guess I will really have to build my own : ) . In all seriousness, this news is like suicide. HP’s stock dropped big time over this news; plus the HP Touchpad Tablet PC that they just put out there, in July (at $499 for the base model) has become a boat anchor and can be had (if you push the internet envelope) for as low as $99.

In all my years of computing I have seen things come and go and understandably so when computing was in its’ early development; but, in today’s world of computing to see news like this has me wondering what direction are we really heading into.

To help bring you up to speed on these hot news topics involving Google and Hewlett Packard here are two articles you can jump to that really brings it home:

Google Buys Motorola Mobility…And So Begins The Dark Ages

Seeking Alpha
Hewlett-Packard: Death Of The PC Could Signal
The Dawn Of A New Era

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6 thoughts on “Big News This Past Week That Will Impact the World of Computing As We Know It

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  1. I hope this, and the links you provided, will get a lot of reads, (and that folks will have their thinking caps on..) and will mention it to my readers.

    For some time now, the pundits have been saying that the tablet (and “cloud computing”) will kill off the PC. (And one guy says that’s already happened, Engineer of original IBM PC declares end of PC era), but I don’t see that happening any time soon (and will resist to the best of my ability).

    I, too, am a fan of HP Desktops (not their laptops so much) and view this news with regret.


    1. TechPaul,

      Thank you for the link to the article you provided at Tech Republic. I agree with you, the desktop will be with us for awhile yet and will be needed in some aspect. I currently own a tablet PC and do have to admit the convenience of lugging it around the house and using it from the lounge chair is quite nice. It is an awesome computer; however, I still have to visit my main PC to get the real work done.

      Folks, be sure to check out Paul’s article today, “How To Restore Shutdown Button To Logon Screen” While you are there checkout the vast collection of information he provides for people like me and you.



  2. Rick,

    While it may be true that the “news” stories you refer to might impact the computing world as “we” (people interested in tech) know it, my experience has been identical to yours – my friends didn’t know, and couldn’t care less.

    Arguably, the real stories that impact peoples’ lives are the economy, jobs (or lack of), conflict overseas, current political turmoil …. need i go on? What HP does, or what Google is up to, doesn’t make the cut with 90% of the population.



    1. Bill,

      What folks do not realize is that these same stories will impact the very things you mentioned (the economy, jobs, politics, etc…). Technology is about the only industry we have left in this country. I still can’t get over HP bailing out of the PC market…



  3. Thanks to my subscriptions to so many tech blogs, I did hear (a lot) about both of these stories, but honestly didn’t really give them much thought. I’ve suspected for some time now that Google was positioning itself to replace Microsoft as the new “Borg” on the world stage and, considering how competitive the market has become, can anyone really be surprised that another quality PC maker has dropped out of the market rather than produce junk?


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