News360 – Next Generation News Aggregation Service

One of the first things I do in the morning is preview the News from various sources on the internet. Recently I came across a news aggregation service, called News360, that not only is attractive but brings the news to you in a format that allows you to grasp up-to-date news events in a much broader sense. If you are not a news junkie, you soon will be once you experience News360 .


Using News360 I get the true feeling that I can take in more information in a shorter element of time. This service uses a semantic analysis to inform you of major ongoing events and give you the news that is relevant to you. Once you find a news story that is of interest you click on it and an abbreviated version of the story will appear with tab options available that allow you to select and navigate to other media sources featuring the same story. You can go to the actual news source (or web page) featuring the story at any time from News360.

You are not required to signup for an account; however, I do recommend doing so. You will need a Facebook or Twitter account to signup. Once your account is setup you can then personalize News360 to pull down news from specific sources and save those sources under “My Interests” and/or “My Stories”.

News360 apps are available for the following platforms: iPhone, iPad, Win Phone 7, Playbook, Android and the Web.

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