Get Funky with Your Photos

befunky How would you like to visually express yourself in a different way? If so, you need to visit befunky. The befunky web site integrates art and technology by taking digital media (i.e your digital pictures) and artistically converting it to a work of art without the need of any technical knowledge. As a matter of fact, if you are looking for a basic online graphic and photo editior, befunky may be all that you will need.

For example, taking a photo of our 21 year old cat and uploading it to to befunky, I was easily able to create the following output using the “Cartoonizer” component of befunky.


Some of the features require subscription to the premium account; however, I found that the components offered in the free account will most likely be sufficient in creating great image outputs.

Marvelous photo effects with a single click

Get Creative with 190 easy-to-use photo effects
in 30 different categories

Photo Adjustment Tools

Adjust: contrast, brightness, exposure, hue,
saturation and colors while you create

Add speech bubbles, frames and cool shapes

Give your digital creations extra character
and pizzazz with BeFunky Goodies

Stunning user interface with Full Screen Mode

Powerful user interface to help you be as productive as possible

High Resolution Output

Supersize editing and larger output up to 4000*4000 px

Photo Storage and Tracking

Keep track of your previous uploads and store your original photos securely and privately

Save and Share

Save your creations to your computer or share them on your favorite social networking and photo sharing sites

Print and Create a Product

Print your creations at home or create printed posters, key chains and more through our partner Zazzle

Multiple File Uploads

Upload dozens of photos simultaneously – less waiting, more creating


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3 thoughts on “Get Funky with Your Photos

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  1. I’m going to check this out. Another fun one I use with my fifth graders is Big Huge Labs. It does puzzle pieces, trading cards, posters and more, most with only two-three steps.


  2. Hey Rick
    The informal face-shot I use for networking was created with Befunky since 2009. And their only feature then was ‘funkying’ your pics! More power to WOMP and BeFunky!


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