In My Opinion – This Is The Best FREE File Sharing Service Out There

If you are looking for a simple file sharing platform to share photos, docs, music, videos and whatever else; that has no hidden agendas, is absolutely FREE, then you need to check out Minus.


Personally, I do not think it gets any better than Minus. Need a way to create an online portfolio of your work, then use Minus.  Need a simple way to share documents, slideshow presentations, photos and videos, then use Minus.  Need a way to publish and ebook, then use Minus.  There are so many ways that you can use Minus that I cannot begin to list them all.

Not only can you make your files public, you can also make them private.  For example, if I am working on a project, I will backup my project files to Minus and then make them private so that no one else can see them.  Then, on the other hand, if I need to share one of those project files with an associate, I simply send them the link to the file. Once you upload a file it will remain indefinitely until you delete it.

By establishing an account with Minus you are entitled to the following:

  • Get 10 GB of free space
  • Upload files up to 2 GB
  • Unlimited Downloads and Transfer
  • Profile to publish and share your files and folders ( example)
  • Follow friends to see what they are sharing
  • Use Dashboard to manage your files and folders
  • Search and discover public folders
  • Browser, desktop and mobile tool options


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4 thoughts on “In My Opinion – This Is The Best FREE File Sharing Service Out There

Add yours

    1. Bill,

      Thanks for the support and the accolade (“great freeware hunter”). You definitely made me chuckle and put a smile on my face.

      In regards to Minus; this service is getting better. It is especially useful for mobile PC users.

      Have a great Sunday!



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