Looking For That Default Router Password

When you purchase a router it is best security practices to change the administrator password to the router. The administrator password is the password that allows you to open the web-based setup, in your web browser (such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome), so that you can make configuration changes (such as setting up and securing a wireless network). If you do make the password change, make sure you record and store that password in a safe place.

Typically, and in almost every instance I have experienced, most people never change the administrator password to the router and let it remain as the same password, as set by the factory. You may think this is enough to prevent unauthorized access; however, the factory set (default) password for nearly every type and model of router out there can be easily acquired on the internet.

What I have experienced with folks is that when they do experience router issues and need to access their router they are at a loss and they themselves do not know what the default admin password is. In this instance I usually go to the manufacturer’s website to locate the default password settings.  This can be quite time consuming…

Today, I will show you a website, called routerpasswords.com to demonstrate two things:

One, to demonstrate how readily available passwords to routers can be acquired, which is more the reason to lock down your router with your own password; AND,

Secondly to give you a quick access method to acquire a router’s password in the event you forgot what the default password was or you are a tech and need the password to troubleshoot a system.


RouterPasswords.com provides quick access for technicians to default passwords used on routers, default web logins, CCTV systems and other electronic devices.

RouterPasswords.com is the largest free online database of default router passwords. The database is maintained by the online community and constantly updated by visitors like yourself submitting new passwords.


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