Save The Loud and Obnoxious Kangaroo From The Gallows


If you love word games and really like playing games like hangman where you have to try to guess the word or phrase to prevent your demise; then you will love the game of Hangaroo.  Hangaroo, consists of one “animated, loud and obnoxious” kangaroo who tells it like it is. This game has been around since 2003, can be downloaded to your computer, is addictive to say the least, offers more than 8,500 words and phrases, and is recommended for people 12 years of age and up… If you really get hooked, you can even create your own external data files to make more words and phrases.  You can get Hangaroo [HERE] .



  • There are now more than 8,500 terms and phrases and 120 categories!
  • Many of the phrases now have interesting Did You Know? facts.
  • New volume controls and surprise endings.
  • Players and 3rd-party developers can create customized word lists and levels.
  • Improved setup and uninstall routines.
  • Enhanced eFlash update system.


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3 thoughts on “Save The Loud and Obnoxious Kangaroo From The Gallows

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  1. Rick,

    While I’m not a fan personally of these types of games, I do know how popular they are.

    A couple of my very “techie” buddies, are avid players. I’ll be sure to pass this on to them.



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