A Comprehensive One-Click English Thesaurus and Dictionary for Windows

I know that there are many online dictionaries available; however, if you are in the middle of drafting an important document your train of thought can be lost when you have to stop and go online to find the definition or spelling of a word.

To solve this problem, and to help get that right word or help find a definition of a word, I use the FREE version of WordWeb.


What I truly like about this application is the one click hotkey support. For example, with WordWeb you can find the definition of a word by placing your mouse pointer over a questionable word, hold down the Ctrl key on the keyboard and right click the mouse button and WordWeb will pop up with the definition.

Another cool and powerful feature is that you can also look up words in WikipediaWiktionary and Word Web Online. I especially like the Wikipedia option, because (in a sense) it makes WordWeb not only a dictionary, but an encyclopedia.


In my opinion, WordWeb is one Windows application that should be on everyone’s PC.


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6 thoughts on “A Comprehensive One-Click English Thesaurus and Dictionary for Windows

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  1. Rick,
    Wordweb says this when installing – does this mean its not free or will stop working after 30 days?

    “Welcome to the WordWeb dictionary-thesaurus.

    All users may use WordWeb for 30 days for evaluation purposes. After 30 days you may use it only if you take fewer than three flights in any 12-month period (i.e. at most one return flight per year). If you fly more than this you must purchase WordWeb Pro to continue using the software after 30 days.

    See licensing for details. All users may also benefit from extra features by upgrading to WordWeb Pro – see wordweb.info for more information and ordering options.

    Click Accept to start installing.”


    1. Lee,

      I meant to include this in the article… It is OK… At the end of 30 days, if I remember correctly, you will be asked if you took less that three flights in any 12 month period. Just answer yes and the software will continue to function. It is a joke and a way for the developers to draw attention to the “Pro” version. Sorry, I did not elaborate on that…



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