A Free, Fast and Easy-To-Use Network Scanner

Years back when I managed a network, I relied on a network scanner to get a visual of what computers and devices on the network were alive (functioning). This was invaluable resource in maintaining the integrity of the network.

Believe it or not a good network scanner is an invaluable resource for your home network, as well. A scanner that I currently use in my home is called Advanced IP Scanner.

Advanced IP Scanner

Advanced IP Scanner will scan your network and will identify the computers and devices (wireless and all) that are currently operational on the network. What I like about Advanced IP Scanner is that I can identify the IP addressed of those devices to perform remote sessions and to transfer files. As a matter of fact, Advanced IP Scanner has an option built in that will allow you to transfer files (from shared folders) between the computers on the network.  This, however, is only one option available (see features below).

Advanced IP Scanner - Fast network scanning

Fast network scanning

With Advanced IP Scanner 2.1, you can scan hundreds of IP addresses simultaneously at high speed. The software supports scanning of HTTP, HTTPS, FTP and shared folders. Scan your network to get more information about all connected devices including computers’ names and MAC-addresses.

Advanced IP Scanner - Integration with Radmin remote access softwareIntegration with Radmin remote access software

Advanced IP Scanner 2.1 and Radmin remote control software are deeply integrated. IP Scanner lets you scan your network, find all computers running Radmin Server, and connect to any one of them with one click. The free Radmin Viewer needs to be installed on your PC for you to access a remote machine running Radmin Server. With Radmin, you can access the remote PC in Full Control, File Transfer, and Telnet modes.

Advanced IP Scanner - Remote PC ShutdownRemote PC Shutdown

This shuts down any remote machine or group of machines running a Windows operating system. You can use your default access rights or specify a login and password for shutdown. This feature is very handy for system administrators since it enables all computers in a customized list to be turned off in a single operation at the end of the working day.

Advanced IP Scanner - Wake-On-LANWake-On-LAN

You can wake any machine or group of machines remotely using Advanced IP Scanner if the machines’ network cards support the “Wake-On-LAN” feature.

Advanced IP Scanner - Simple and user-friendly interfaceSimple and user-friendly interface

Advanced IP Scanner has a simple, user-friendly interface. For simpler batch operations, it lets you save a list of computers to be scanned in a Favorites list. Advanced IP Scanner will automatically load your Favorites at startup. You then can choose whether to scan your entire network or just the computers in the Favorites list.



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