A Dedication to Miss Bucket

Folks, today’s post is really off the mark; however, I feel compelled to do a dedication to our 21 year old cat, whom we call Miss Bucket. I am having a difficult time focusing on an IT article today, due Miss Bucket weighs heavy on my mind. You see, Miss Bucket has been with us a very long time and today is her day to cross over; to go to heaven…

  Miss Bucket

Miss Bucket has carried many names during her lifetime; however, the name Miss Bucket is the name she is leaving us with. When I first met my wife, Miss Bucket was included in the deal. I was not really a fond lover of cats at that time; but, it did not take me long to see why Miss Bucket was included in the deal. Miss Bucket shares the same tenacity that my wife possesses. I have been truly blessed with Miss Bucket and the lessons she has taught me. We will  really miss her. If you have a pet, and have been through this, you know what I a referring to. Helping a pet cross over is really a tough call, but God gave us dominion over the animals, and today Miss Bucket is asking us to use that God given authority to help her.


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19 thoughts on “A Dedication to Miss Bucket

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  1. Thank you, Rick. (For the reminder to me to not take my ‘blessings’ for granted. And for bringing to mind some almost forgotten [happy] memories of my childhood dog. And for sharing with us ‘strangers’ out here in Internet land.)

    I have some inkling that this day may be harder for Mrs. Rick.. and there will be a vacancy in your home…
    A hard day.


    1. Mrs. Rick, right now, on top of all of this is in the middle of a job transition and has her armor on. I look for the armor to come off when we do the cross over. Me, I have lost dogs before and been through this; but, for some reason I have gotten attached to this tenacious feline and it has weighed heavy on my mind. Maybe it is my middle age causing me to soften up. I think the thing I’m going to miss the most, is that I won’t have no one to fight with through the day.


  2. The loss of a pet has been one of the toughest things I’ve ever had to experience. I waited almost 2 years before I was able to go to the shelter and choose another companion recently… I truly feel for you & Mrs. Rick and your loss. I hope you both can overcome your grieving period quickly.


    1. kstinman,

      You are so right about being one of the toughest things I’ve ever had to do. I do not know if I can do this ever again; however, we will see if time helps. Mrs. Rick took it very hard but knew it was an act of kindness. Miss Bucket and her tenacity actually went out a fighting, which did not surprise either one of us.

      Thank you for your thoughfulness…



  3. Rick…to Both of You. So sad…so sorry for the loss of Miss Bucket.

    I adopted a beautiful, intelligent adult cat 8 months ago… I enjoy and love Pauli so much…I can’t think of life without him…I can hear your cry’s! Take care


    1. Gaia,

      Thank you so very much… This morning we are actually feeling relief and peace. Just leaves a big void in our life, but the memories of Miss Bucket will be with us forever.

      Take care of Pauli and Pauli will take care of you…



  4. Currently have 4, 3 “ours” [all “rescue”], and a recent “find me” from our front door [never seen one try so hard to “fit in”–almost “human”]. All are “indoor” [‘cept for a brief daytime outing–as we live in the mountains. Been through this in the past with a 20+ yr old, so know the feeling, especially if you have those “insights”

    Bless you, my friend for your compassion in the beginning and developing insight and introspective through the following years.

    Will say some good words for Miss bucket tonite and for you in your trial. Thank you for who you are and what you do.


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