A Free Clipboard Manager That Saves Every Text and Image You Copy to the Clipboard

Typically when you cut or copy text (or an image), it is saved transparently to the Windows clipboard. The problem with this operation is that if you perform a cut or copy operation multiple times, the previous instance of what you cut or copied is wiped from the clipboard.

Free Clipboard ManagerA solution to this problem is to use a clipboard manager that allows you to save multiple instances of a cut/copy operation. Today I want to lead you to really neat clipboard manager, that is relatively new, that is portable and will allow you to copy and store multiple instances of text and images.  It is called Free Clipboard Manager

Free Clipboard Manager

Free Clipboard Manager

Free Clipboard Manager

Free Clipboard Manager saves every text and image that is copied in the clipboard! This is useful if you have to take a lot of screenshots or if you need to access to multiple notes of part of code without the need to paste them in a text editor. Simply hit CTRL-C or PRINT SCREEN to save automatically the clipboard content to hdd! To copy them back to clipboard, select the item, right click with the mouse and select “copy item to clipboard”. The saved content can also be accessed with explorer. Everything is saved in the directory “clipboard”. The software also has an option to prevent user/password to be saved to hdd. Selecting the option “don’t save text with less than 20 chars”, user and password with less than 20 chars, are only copied to clipboard.



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