Turn Your Photos Into Something Awesome with iPiccy Photo Tools

There is quite a lineup of online image editors these days, but there is one I bet you have not tried and it is called iPiccy.  Out of the gate, iPiccy is unique in that a registration is not required.  On top of that iPiccy is fast, very easy to use and offers quite a selection of tools that will enable you to to quickly and easily edit, enhance, share and print all of your photos from any Internet browser.


iPiccy is currently in the beta stages of development; which means it is in the public testing stage and which means it will continue to improve.

iPiccy provides new, easy-to-use tools for modifying pictures, using advanced image processing. iPiccy offers the easiest user interface and workflow of any photo editing application, allowing users to easily pull images from any Web site or file folder. iPiccy includes an extensive variety of easy Web-based photo-editing tools such as Auto-fix, Rotate, Crop, Resize and Color adjustment and Sharpen – all in one place and in real-time. In addition, iPiccy can also be used to turn photos into creative masterpieces, with clever special effects like Liquify, painter, vignette, pencils, and many more. iPiccy.com works flawlessly in any Web browser and is compatible with Mac, Windows and Linux. And since iPiccy lives on the Web, it is constantly evolving as new image-editing technology is developed and the needs of the user base change.

iPiccy includes more then 30 creative tools including basic effects such as Sepia, Black and White, Color tint, Bloom, and Cross process; advanced effects such as Unsharp Mask, Local Contrast, Image equaluzer plus an assortment of borders and frame shapes. In addition iPiccy have advanced built-in painter and text editor.  Need a quick method to apply a watermark to an image, then give iPiccy a try.


There was one thing in iPiccy that I did not see and that was the ability to create an arrow. Usually this can be found under the tool to create a line. Maybe in a future version I will see this option.  Otherwise, this online editor is a great one in my book.



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