[DID YOU KNOW?] You Can Determine Your Public IP Address with Google

If you go to Google.com and type in my ip, my ip address, show my ip, what is my ip and other similar queries, Google will identify the public IP address to your computer. Typically, I take the short route and just type in my ip (see example below).

my ip

If you notice in the screenshot above, after I typed in my ip, Google provided my public IP address and if you further notice I blurred out part of the address. Here is why…

Just like a street address your public IP address is used to identify your computer on the internet.

When you type in my ip, Google will respond by showing you the IP address of the computer from which the query was received. In the simplest case, this IP address uniquely identifies your computer among all computers on the Internet. There are, however, several network configurations that may cause Google to receive an IP address that differs from the one assigned to your computer. For example, if you have a home network or a corporate network, devices are usually assigned “internal” IP addresses by a Network Address Translator (NAT) located within your router or modem. The NAT hides the internal IP addresses from websites, making the entire home network appear to outside computers to have a single, “external” IP address. In this case, we will show you the external IP address assigned to your home. Other network configurations, such as proxies, can also cause the IP address received by Google to differ from the actual IP address of your computer. – Google



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