An Online Lightning Fast Virus Scanner

To add another tool to your arsenal in the fight against malware, be sure to visit BitDefender’s QuickScan.

BitDefender’s QuickScan

BitDefender’s QuickScan is an online tool which uses a technology they call .in-the-cloud. scanning technology which is capable of detecting active malware in less than a minute.

BitDefender’s QuickScan

The benefit of this technology is that the scanner uses online scanning engines that only uses a fraction of system resources needed to perform the scan; PLUS,the entire database of signature updates, etc… is maintained online by BitDefender.

One thing I do want to point out here and this is important:

BitDefender’s QuickScan is a tool that is designed to “detect” malware that is already existent on your PC, which is already active in memory or present in files that are run at system startup. In other words this tool is used, as a second opinion, to determine if your system is infected or you have suspicion that your system is infected.  It is not designed to provide real-time protection; but, again it is another tool to add to that arsenal in the fight against malware.  Thank you BitDefender for helping keep us safe…



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