Bookmarks4Techs – New Site Design


A new site design is in place, at my sister site – Bookmarks4Techs. Page loads are now faster allowing you to grasp as much information as possible in a shorter amount of time. One of the main features of the site are the RSS feeds located on the sidebars, which are feeds from some of the top computer, software and information technology sites on the internet. The new design makes those feeds standout and allows you to read those feeds as separate blocks of text. The older design I was using made those feeds run together and difficult to decipher; also, I was noticing choppy page scrolling due to the amount of information that was being presented.  In other words, the coding of the theme I was using could not handle the load. The new theme design is a simpler interface, with one goal in mind; to handle the ton of information that I am throwing out there to you in a faster and readable manner.

When visiting the site, make sure you click on the Bookmarks4Techs tabat the top of the page. You will be surprised to find links to over 600 computer, software and information technology sites on the internet.  This list continues to grow… All links will open in separate browser tabs allowing you toggle back and forth from the site.

To help support the site and put some butter on my bread, I am currently experimenting with the Affiliate program and will be posting (as I have) links to computer, software, and information technology products that I find to be of excellent quality. One of my passions is looking for the new tech toys…

I hope you bookmark and plan to visit Bookmarks4Techs on a regular basis …  Thank you!

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