A Virtual Pointer Stick To Help You Make Presentations

When conducting projector based training presentations there are several ways to point out an object on the screen.  Some presenters will use a laser pointer; whereas others will simply use the mouse pointer or a pointer function that is built into the software (such as Powerpoint).

In the days prior to computers it was not uncommon for a presenter to use an actual stick, called a pointer stick, to point out the specifics. If you are still stuck in the old days of the pointer stick, it is now time for you to advance to the virtual pointer stick.  Yes, virtual in the sense that you can call it up on the screen when you need it or make it disappear. It is a portable app called PointerStick and it actually looks like a pointer stick.  It will definitely make your class taken notice.



PointerStick is a portable tool that presents on the Windows Desktop a virtual pointer stick, for example for Presentations to highlight the current mouse position and the emphasis on presenting will be better. The use of the virtual pointer stick is ideal for projectors (Beamer) and larger LED/LCD screens.


Very Small Program
Low CPU usage
Adjustable size of Pointer Stick
Several Pointing-Stick textures (bitmaps)
Optional alpha transparency
Optional deactivation by mouse or keyboard input
Optional translation feature



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