Colorize Your Folders In Windows Explorer

I am big into file management and as a result I am often working in Windows Explorer (or Q-Dir) quite frequently.

Windows Explorer displays the hierarchical structure of files, folders, and drives on your computer. It also shows any network drives that have been mapped to drive letters on your computer. Using Windows Explorer, you can copy, move, rename, and search for files and folders. For example, you can open a folder that contains a file you want to copy or move, and then drag the file to another folder or drive. [ source: Microsoft ]

To help me visually navigate the folder structure in Windows Explorer I use a program called Folder Colorizer.


Folder Colorizer is an utility that enables you to add color to any folder you select. For example, I have a folder labelled RickR that I use as a catchall folder for downloaded files (from the internet, external drives, email, etc…). When in Windows Explorer, by colorizing the RickR folder (with Folder Colorizer), I can visually target that folder and immediately pick it out from the other folders.

After installing Folder Colorizer, simply go into Windows Explorer and right click on the folder you desire to work with (or change the color of). You can also pick additional colors than what is reflected.




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