HAPPY THANKSGIVING – Giving Thanks To My Readers

Blogging is a lot of work, but there is reward. The reward comes to the author from the readers, their comments and their following.

Today, I am going to do something a little different that is off topic.  It hit me this morning to randomly pick the first reader I could locate and give recognition to that reader as a symbolic gesture of thanks to all the readers that have ever visited my blogs (What’s On My PC and Bookmarks4Techs).

Ironically, the first reader I came across is someone else who enjoys writing, appears to have just started blogging, and goes by the online name of Talin401. I can remember (and will not forget it) when I first started this venture I was under the wings of Bill Mullins (at Tech Thoughts) and TechPaul (at Tech-for Everyone). What they do not know is their gestures really made a change in my life.  So today, I hope to make a difference in this reader’s life.

Talin401, as a symbol to all my readers, I say “Thank You” and as a gesture of thanks I am asking my readers to please take a moment and visit Talin401’s blog. It is called – Talinorfali – Just Another WordPress Blog.


Talinorfali – Just Another WordPress Blog is not a tech blog; however, I do see some inklings of tech in some of the writings (i.e. How Social Networking & Communication Has Changed The World).  It is a blog where personal inspiration and advice is provided.  What a nice blog to find on Thanksgiving.



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15 thoughts on “HAPPY THANKSGIVING – Giving Thanks To My Readers

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      1. Thanks Rick. It’s always an honour to be able to feature on What’s On My PC and now Bookmarks4Techs. Bookmarks4Techs is like a tech dictionary to me, I really appreciate the work you’ve done there.


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