How to Determine What Videos Are Topping The YouTube Charts?

When I visit YouTube I am often looking for the videos that are topping the charts (most popular). This can be a challenge; however, there is an easy way to see what videos are topping the charts for the day, week, month and even all time.

Simply visit, but add the word charts to the web address.  It will look like this in your web browser:

YouTube Charts

Not only can you determine what is popular at the moment for the most viewed videos, you can also determine what is topping the charts for the Most Discussed Videos, the Most Liked, the Most Viewed HD Videos, and the Top Favorited.  Hmmm… Is favorited a word?

YouTube Charts



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3 thoughts on “How to Determine What Videos Are Topping The YouTube Charts?

Add yours

  1. Thanks for the tip. I use YouTube and download a lot.

    Also, made a deskcut/shortcut on the article the “cluttered desktop”…Interesting. I use Fences but I need to clean it up at times…


  2. Sorry if this is not the place for this comment but I had to give you a BIG O thanks for the FYI about Centon DSP32GB-001 DataStick Pro Flash on your sister site.

    I was at a complete loss as what to get my geek husband for Christmas. Now my shopping is complete.

    I like both sites and visit them often.


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