Set Your Computer’s Sound Volume to Autopilot

Setting your computer’s volume to autopilot is not a feature I know of in Windows; however, with Volume Concierge at the helm your sound levels can be automatically regulated and controlled.

Volume Concierge is a sound utility that gives you the ability to control your sound level by applying rules.  For example, you could set a rule in Volume Concierge to turn your sound level down to 20 percent at  8 PM every evening so as not to disturb the neighbors.  I know myself, I am one to forget to turn the volume down and my wife comes running over to the computer room late at night questioning me about what was that loud kaboom…


So, if you do want a method to put your sound volume on autopilot, then Volume Concierge may be your solution.



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4 thoughts on “Set Your Computer’s Sound Volume to Autopilot

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    1. Bill,

      The Kaboom actually did happen… I’m not really a gamer, but I always loved seeing the work that went into the games (the 3D graphics, etc…). I do not remember what game it was, but I did not realize that I had the volume up or up too far. My wife had went to bed and when I kicked this thing in, it was like WWIII and when she arrived on the scene, I lost the war (if you know what I mean).



  1. Thanks Rick, it’s always an honor to be included on your blog! I also love the idea behind Volume Concierge and learning about video cutting with Windows Movie Maker too. 😀


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