Clean Up The Clutter and Hide Your Windows Desktop Icons Automatically

In today’s world of computing I have noticed that most folks will save files and program shortcuts to the Windows desktop, as it was intended for. This is not a bad thing due this makes the files and programs readily available to the user. Where the bad comes in, is that we as humans, through instinct, will packrat the files and shortcuts on the desktop to the point the desktop really becomes a hoarding zone. As a result, those pretty background wallpaper images you have on your desktop never are seen and fully appreciated.

The first thing I will tell you, as an IT person, keep that desktop clutter free and organized. It will make your computing experience an enjoyable one.

The second thing I will tell you, if you are going to save files and program shortcuts to your desktop, use a program to auto arrange your shortcuts and hide them when not in use. In order to do this you will have to download and install a small program called DesktopOK.

There are two things that you can do with DesktopOK. One, you can move your icons around on your desktop in groups or you can even forms shapes with the icons, etc… Once you do this, use DesktopOK to save the arrangement. That way if your icons get all messed up again, you can pull up DesktopOK and restore the arrangment.


The second thing you can do with DesktopOK, which is sort of hidden in the program, you can tell DesktopOK to hide your desktop icons after a period of time. You will need to start up DesktopOK, by double clicking the DesktopOK icon in the system tray. Once it is up, click on Tools, then click on Use This Feature to activate the icon hiding. You can then, if you want, click on Hide Icons When Mouse option to set a time limit. For example, after 10 seconds my desktop icons will hide when there is no mouse activity on the desktop.  After the icons go into hiding, you can make them appear by simply clicking on the desktop.


In the end, I will tell you that DesktopOK has really become a favorite program of mine that allows me to manage (and customize) my icon arrangments on my desktop; plus, I always have a good view of my background wallpaper image when the icons go into hiding.



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  1. Thanks Rick. The DesktopOK app sounds nice! I keep just about all the shortcuts for programs I’ve installed in a custom toolbar hierarchy I added to the Windows Taskbar, but it does have it’s drawbacks…


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