What To Do If Your Blog is Stolen, Scraped or Unlawfully Copied

Thanks to a fellow blogger, I was recently informed that both of my blogs, What’s On My PC (hosted at WordPress.com) and Bookmarks4Techs (hosted at Blogger) were being duplicated (word for word) on another WordPress hosted blog.  Some of my logos and graphics were even being used.  Today, I noticed that the site is now marked private so that no one can view the content.

I have had this happen before, but not to the degree which it was in this particular case, and trying to remember what I did before to rectify the problem had completely left me. Therefore, I was back to researching and taking care of this problem again; however, this time around I decided to post links (in an article of my own) where you can get help if your blog (or blogs) are hosted by either WordPress.com or Blogger. This article will also go to serve me (and possibly you) in the future, because I know this will happen again. Note:  It is important we bloggers stick together and alert each other when we see that our work has been compromised.

I suggest that if this happens to you, that you take down the URL address of the site, take some screenshots of the offending site and politely contact the author (perpetrator). Inform the perpetrator what you are seeing, inform them to take down the site immediately, and that you have contacted the hosting service that is hosting the site. Usually this will take care of the problem.

In this particular case, I came to the conclusion that the intent of this person was to copy my material and was not some pimply kid who did not know better; therefore, politeness was not in my vocabulary. As a matter of fact, it took me some time to find a hole on the site to where I could actually leave a comment, which further cemented my conclusion.  Once I did find a hole to leave a comment, it was just a matter of time I noticed that the perpetrator had taken the site down from public view and now has it set at private view.  I am hoping that following my contact with support at WordPress [ CLICK HERE ] they will take the site down permanently.

To help (me) and you in the future, should your blog be stolen, scraped or unlawfully copied AND your blog is hosted either by WordPress.com or Blogger, follow the links below to help you get started toward the removal of the offending site:

Content Theft – What to Do @ WordPress.com

Report alleged copyright infringement @ Blogger

Also, another insightful article that I found very helpful, was posted at Blogger-Hints-And-Tips:

Taking action when someone has copied your blog without permission



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20 thoughts on “What To Do If Your Blog is Stolen, Scraped or Unlawfully Copied

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  1. Your comments today were appreciated. I have had similar experiences three times in the past. The first time was nearly 15 years ago and I had a web page copied by an employee of a a law firm. A quick letter to the president of the company had the site taken down and, I was told, that every site that he had created was reviewed prior to making it available for further use.

    The second time was a school who copied the same website. Though the response was not so dramatic, though the offending site was removed.

    The second was more recent – a book reviewer had taken my review of a book and reposted it as his own. He was removed from the site and lost all posting privileges. In addition, he was no longer eligible for free books from the publisher which were provided for his review. I did some further review and found that every review I could identify by this author had been copied from somewhere.

    Sad – given all the conversation about copyright, that it should be a law firm, a school, and a publisher’s web sites that hosted these infringements.

    It is a good reminder that all web postings are copyrighted. It may be less convenient to enforce the copyright, but it needs to be done. Again, thank you for your comments.


    1. Floyd,

      Welcome to my blog… Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. Goes to show how much this activity actually occurs.

      I guess, in a sense, we can feel flattered their stealing from us…



  2. I’ve had a few run-ins with blog scraping myself.


    Most of them are unmanned. They’re setup to steal entire articles from multiple websites via RSS feeds. You provide the content and they’ll frame it with their own ads, usually without even a link back to your page.

    Contacting site owners has resulted in some removal of my articles but other times I had to issue a DMCA takedown request to their hosting. You can also report the violation to Google if they are using AdSense as their source of revenue.

    As a result of constantly having to combat this, I’ve had to switch my RSS feed to excerpt only instead of the whole article.

    The worst case is when the scraping site is hotlinking your image, so your server is “paying” for the bandwidth and requests.

    Best of luck with your takedowns and defending your content as your own.


  3. How To Earn Money On The Internet Without Lifting A Finger!

    (It’s Just Like Stealing!)

    (Oh. Wait. It is stealing.. No worries! It’s Easy Money!)

    I am sorry you were a victim again, Rick. And I tip my hat to the observant blogger — you are correct. We do need to look out for each other.

    I hope this didn’t dampen your enthusiasm (for blogging) any, and that you will continue to produce one of my few remaining daily reads.

    My regards this holiday season to you and yours.


    1. TechPaul,

      Nope this has not dampened my enthusiasm… I just figured, Wow, I must be doing pretty good for someone to still my stuff!

      Best regards to you, as well. Any tech toys this Christmas for Paul?



      1. .. I might finally get around to installing a solid-state hard drive, and seeing for myself how close to an “instant on” I can get Windows 7 to boot..
        I know. Not very exciting…

        How about you, Rick? Anything you have your eye on (and are hoping Santa will bring)?
        I understand tablets are “the thing” this year (and I know you already have one)..


  4. Rick,

    Having personally gone through this – word for word – blow by blow – several times, as you have as well (several times), I’m still shocked when I hear of it. But, this is the blatant stuff.

    Then there’s the everyday sneaky stuff, Everyday, I find selected articles, from my site, which have been scrapped in full. Every day.

    I know that you have had to deal with that routine as well.

    I don’t know which one is worse.



  5. If I post something from a website..no matter what it is. I put Italics around the quotes and I give the website credit. Even if it’s only one line about a program etc. It is only common courtesy/sense.


  6. Blogging is tough work especially after seeing the list of tech blogs you have on Bookmarks4techs and great thought goes into writing quality articles for this site. (btw – I watch your sight for the millionth hit trying to be the first on the millionth!) Fellow bloggers may take snippets or link to articles and always give credit. Keep up the great work you do here and hopefully an end will come to stealing entire articles and sites.



  7. I wonder what do they gain from doing that Rick when reblogging and giving credit to the author is so easy.
    This reminded me of a ‘blogger’ who copied and edited my content without even a backlink. She thought mentioning my blog name was enough. I didn’t bother to contact her and just exposed her. Editing someone’s post to make it appear it’s their own is just too low.


  8. I’ve had my own share of disrespectful copycats in the past and unfortunately my own frustration led me to stop blogging. Boy, this article would’ve helped me earlier! THanks 😉



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