Get 10 GBs of FREE Online Storage to Store, Share, Access Anytime, Anywhere is relative newcomer in the online file storage services and as a result they offer one of the best FREE packages available. When you signup with CX you get 10 GBs of space to start and if you refer friends, that space can grow (up to 16 GBs).

As a matter of fact if you [ CLICK HERE ] and signup for your free account, I will get 300 MBs of additional space and YOU will get 300 MB’s additional space.  By doing this, you will help me reach my 16 GB’s.

I am currently using this service to backup some files from my PC. There is a syncing utility available for Windows, Apple, iPad, iPhone and coming soon, Android.  I will be especially interested in the Android file syncing app when it is released to backup, store, share and access my files from my tablet PC (Toshiba Thrive) .

Here are the features of that sets it apart from some of the other services:


Start with 10GB free and get up to 16GB total when you refer friends. Need more room? We have plans for 50GB, 100GB, and custom amounts for whatever you need. Plus, 256 bit encryption, redundant backups and firewall protection keeps your data safe in the CX cloud.

Sync Between Devices

With CX you can keep your work and home life in sync on as many devices as you want. Your stuff is always ready to access wherever you are.


With CX you have total control over what you share and how. Choose from public or private file-sharing options and share stuff with the world on your favorite social networks. Bonus: when you share a file with someone it doesn’t take up space in their account. Files only count toward the file owner’s storage quota.


Every file has a comment stream. Share a file, and CX users can comment on it too. Join or create a group and everyone can join the conversation, edit files or add new ones.



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7 thoughts on “Get 10 GBs of FREE Online Storage to Store, Share, Access Anytime, Anywhere

Add yours

  1. I am thinking about it, I already have 10 gigs with If i do, I will use your link.

    Advice: Never ever put up a file/pic etc without a backup on one of those sites. A few years ago I signed up with one of these sites(can’t remember the name). They were offering 1 TB of space and with no notice, they disappeared.

    Heads Up:
    Friday is the BIG day for WinPatrol. This is, basically, a steal for $5.00 US.

    Bits from Bill

    “…….plans for having a INCREDIBLE sale on upgrades to WinPatrol PLUS. Starting Friday we’ll allow upgrading to WinPatrol PLUS as low as $5 USD. Yes, I wrote $5!This unbelievable price will be available for three full days. The sale starts midnight, Friday morning EST time zone.”


    1. I been using win patrol plus ever since it came out, also i use adrive i have 50gb free account i willuse you link to sign in up above


    2. Delenn13,

      I pretty much use online storage as a temporary holding place when working on a project, etc… (as an offsite backup).

      WinPatrol is a great product. Last year Billp offered Winpatrol for FREE for a short period of time.

      Thanks for visiting…



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