The Simplest Way to Print A List of Filenames In A Folder

Have a large listing of music files, movie files, picture files, etc…?  I bet there has been the occasion that you wished there was a simple way to get a printout of those listings. There is and it is with Directory List and Print.

Directory List and Print

Directory List and Print requires no installation (is a portable app) and is a must-have on your flash drive. There is a FREE version, as well as a Pro Version.  I have found the FREE version to be sufficient in most cases.


  • Selection of directories to be listed by a tree structure.
  • Selection of directories by entering the path as a text string.
  • Drag & Drop of directories (or a file) from Windows Explorer.
  • Integration of “Open in Directory List & Print” in the directory context menu of Windows Explorer.
  • Direct selection of important system directories as “My Documents” etc.
  • Listing of sub-directories and/or files and looping through sub-directories (recursion).
  • Update file list automatically or manually.
  • Display of last modification date.
  • Display of last modificatione time.
  • Display of file size.
  • Display of file name with or without directory path.
  • Display of file names with or without file extensions.
  • Indication of number of entries of files and directories in the list.
  • Print directory listing, direct printing of corresponding list.
  • Export list into other programs by copying to the clipboard. The corresponding data will be organized in columns and separated by tabs so that the list can be pasted directly into Excel ™ as a table.
  • Open the list directly in Microsoft Word™ and Excel™.
  • Support for connecting and disconnecting network drives.
  • Automatic saving of display options when exiting the program.
  • Start program with a directory path as a parameter.
  • Portable Application, no installation necessary.



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6 thoughts on “The Simplest Way to Print A List of Filenames In A Folder

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  1. I have used Karen’s Directory Printer for years and years. I got Karen Kenworthy’s newsletters and used several of her programs.

    In April of this year I got this very sad letter from her brother:

    “Dear Friends, I suspect that many of you have noticed that the last issue of Karen©s Power Tools Newsletter was dated March 17, 2010, and you may have been anxiously awaiting another. It is with great sadness that I write to tell you of Karen©s death on April 12, 2011, after a long struggle with several debilitations, including diabetes. I know that Karen touched many of you with her kindness, wit, creativity and encouragement. She was a loving daughter, sister, aunt and friend. And she was a pretty darned good programmer, too. We are deeply grieving her loss. For now, Karen©s server is still running, the programs she has written can still be downloaded, and donations can still be made through the website. We are also working to fill all CD orders that have been submitted or mailed. It is difficult to make business decisions while grieving. So, at this point, I cannot say what will be the future of, except to say that we will certainly continue Karen©s commitment to safeguard your privacy as shown at the Privacy link of Many of you have already written many kinds words of condolence and comfort. Please know that we greatly appreciate you. If you care to make a contribution in her honor, she was a long-time supporter of The Dohnavur Fellowship, a special children©s ministry in southern India. You can learn more about them at All we ask is that you remember her whenever you take the case off of your computer, contemplate removing entries from your Windows Registry, listen to Bob Wills or Riders in the Sky, or wave and say ©Hi!© to anyone on the ©net. May God richly bless you, as He has all those who knew Karen. Bill Kenworthy Karen©s brother “


    1. Delenn13,

      I have followed Karen for years. Even when she was with As a matter of fact I actually was looking at Karen’s Directory Printer when I wrote that post.

      I did not know this… Karen definitely touched many people, including myself. Very saddened here!



      1. I know the feeling. I think I am gonna keep her software on the PC but use your suggestion on my flash drive since it’s portable…which is a good thing.

        Now, I got some game testing to do for Christmas presents for the kids. I bought the Humble Indie Bundle “4. The Humble Indie Bundle #4 (pay what you want and help charity) 7 Awesome games plus you give to charity. What’s not to like? They made over a million dollars in less than 24 hours!

        Plus I bought The Xmas bundle from Indie Royale. The Xmas Bundle – Indie Royale 6 games for under $5.00 or you can pay more to support the indie game developers.


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